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Children and Infants
Keep your children and babies safe from harmful products

Every year hundreds of products are recalled that affect children and babies. Since 2019 there were 75 products that can put the safety of your child or baby at risk. That is a product recall every 6 days.

How can parents keep their children and infants protected? How can schools, kindergartens and other institutions keep your children safe? Just a few hours of delay might mean unknown exposure to these harmful products.

The media and the government are inefficient in disseminating critical recall information to consumers. Often times it takes days or weeks before a major recall is announced by the media.

Consumers are asked to be proactive, but they are at the mercy of slow channels to receive important news. Some recalls aren't event mentioned anywhere except official channels.

Recall Monitor notifies you of product recalls faster than any other channel - instantly.

Recall Monitor can help you keep track of active recalls for products that affect children.

Here are some examples of product recalls that posed a threat to the health and safety of children and infants since 2019.

Flammability Hazard

17 products were recalled because they were a flammability hazard.

Flammable clothing is clothing that catches fire and burns easily. If clothing catches fire while being worn, the wearer may suffer serious burns which can lead to permanent scarring, disability and even death. Children's clothing that most commonly catch fire are pajamas and nighties. Sometimes, an open fire is not even necessary, even being close to heat sources can be dangerous.

Choking Hazard

24 children's products posed the serious risk of choking.

Choking hazards occur when faulty products break or snap to create small parts that children may choke on. Examples of such products are things like pacifiers and baby bottles. Parts of such recalled products can break and get stuck in a child's throat, blocking their airways.

Hazardous Metals

We saw 8 products that contained excess hazardous metals, beyond allowable limits for consumers.

These products usually contain lead, cadmium or other harmful metals or materials which can harm your child in the short and long term.

We've seen necklaces, bracelets, accessories and even a chair playset containing levels of lead in excess of allowable limits.

Fall Hazard

There were 5 products recalled because of fall hazards. Faulty strollers, high chairs, shoes and accessories may in some cases break, disassemble and cause falls resulting in injuries.

Other Hazards

This year there were 22 other products recalled that could cause strangulation, laceration and grave injuries.

Cribs and sleepers might be poorly constructed, causing children to fall or get trapped in parts of them. Coats, raincoats, hoodies may have strings and chains on them which - if there's a fault - might result in strangulation.

In Canada, we enjoy a very high standard of product quality especially when it comes to children. Even so, some products that make it through the system are later recalled for not having adequate proof of safety.

Tragically, there were 2 products recalled this year because of reports of deaths in the US.

The list goes on...

Were you aware of any products recalled because of safety concerns to infants and children?

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