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Food Poisoning
Avoid microbiological threats to your health

Every year hundreds of products are recalled because they contain microbiological threats. These can cause severe symptoms and result in mass outbreaks that affect everyone negatively. Since 2019 there has been 197 products that can put your health at risk. That is a product recall every 3 days.

How can consumers keep themselves protected? How can restaurants, cafes and food businesses ensure they are safe from contaminants in foods they serve? Just a few hours of delay might mean unknown exposure to these bacteria and viruses.

The media and the government are inefficient in disseminating critical recall information to consumers. Often times it takes days or weeks before a major recall is announced by the media.

Consumers are asked to be proactive, but they are at the mercy of slow channels to receive important news. Some recalls aren't event mentioned anywhere except official channels.

Recall Monitor notifies you of product recalls faster than any other channel - instantly.

Recall Monitor can help you keep track of active recalls for contaminants, keeping you and your customers safe from food poisoning.

Businesses can serve their customers better and avoid costly liability issues by protecting themselves against recalls on these foods. Oversights can cause huge issues, like the Listeria infections involving three provinces: British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario from food served in restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes. Since 2019:


42 products were recalled because they were contaminated with salmonella.

Signs and symptoms of salmonella infection generally last two to seven days. Diarrhea may last up to 10 days, although it may take several months before bowels return to normal. In some cases, the diarrhea associated with salmonella infection can be so dehydrating as to require prompt medical attention. Life-threatening complications also may develop if the infection spreads beyond your intestines.


60 products contaminated with listeria.

Listeria infection is a foodborne bacterial illness that can be very serious for pregnant women and people with impaired immune systems. The disease can be fatal to unborn babies and newborns.


10 products that contained the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

Botulism is a life-threatening disease caused by the ingestion of a potent neurotoxin produced during growth of the C. botulinum bacteria. This neurotoxin is among the most toxic substances known; even microscopic amounts can cause illness or death.

E. coli

43 cases of recalled products from E.coli.

People who get infected with E. coli can have a wide range of symptoms. You may not get sick at all. If you do get sick, you may experience: nausea, vomiting, headache, mild fever, severe stomach cramps and watery or bloody diarrhea


42 products with other microbiological hazards.

The list goes on...

Were you aware of any products recalled because of microbiological contaminants?

Recall Monitor will help you get knowledgeable about recalled products. Don't be at the mercy of a news segment you may never see. Sign up now, and start receiving the alerts you care about - instantly.

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